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Business Planning Attorneys

Business Planning Attorneys

The selection of the most appropriate business entity and how that entity will be taxed plays a significant role in the future success and viability of the business.
Business Planning
An overview of our business planning services:

Entity Selection
One of the most vital decisions a person can make regarding their business is what form of business entity to select. The utilization of the right entity can dramatically affect the business' success. We focus on which business entity can successfully protect a clients business and personal assets. In addition, we help clients determine whether they want their entity to be taxed as a C-Corporation, S-Corporation, Partnership or disregarded entity. We review with the clients their tax options and coordinate these decisions with the client’s accountant.

Asset Protection through business entities
The use of various business entities can be an effective way to protect business or personal assets from lawsuits. Our law firm assists clients in analyzing their assets, their risks and needs in selecting and operating a business entity. Depending on the circumstances, we regularly create the following entities for clients:

  • Professional Corporations
  • Corporations
  • Limited partnerships (LP)
  • Limited liability partnerships (LLP)
  • Limited liability limited partnership (LLLP)
  • Professional limited liability companies (PLLC)
  • Non Profit companies
  • Series/Serial limited liability companies

Tax Planning
Whether a client is forming a business entity or selling the assets or ownership of their business, our law firm can analyze the tax ramifications involved.

Buy-Sell Agreements
Business owners are best served by entering into a buy-sell agreement to define their rights and obligations in the event one of them passes away, becomes disabled or retires. We advise clients on their options for structuring and implementing these agreements.